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Videa Bugatti Veyron Random Man Trips on Bugatti Veyron

Random Man Trips on Bugatti Veyron

BrianZuk catches a random man on the street, next to a Bugatti Veyron. I was filming the Veyron as he came next to me and said, "watch me, imma go sit on the car". I told him that is probably not the best idea, as that is nearly a 2 million dollar car. He then said, ok, "film me and imma talk about the car a little bit". So, hesitantly, as he did not seem to take no thank you as an answer, I began filming him, in case he did anything to the car, I would atleast have him on video for the record, as I did not trust him. But, comically, he begins saying random things about the car, at one point not paying attention and trips on it. I checked on the car afterwards and luckily there were no scuffs/scratches, for the owner's sake. I do NOT know this man, I have never met him in my life, I did not plan on this happening, it was all just random. Kind of funny though afterwards some of the random things he says, but kind of dumb as well as he does not pay attention and falls on the car. He was a pretty funny dude :) Enjoy XD BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

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