Video - Gran Turismo 5 - Flying Overtake - Bugatti Veyron

Videa Bugatti Veyron Gran Turismo 5 - Flying Overtake - Bugatti Veyron

Gran Turismo 5 - Flying Overtake - Bugatti Veyron

Sub for more GT5/Gaming vids! My 2nd flying Bugatti video - Please Read I took this monster out onto Cape Ring for the 1st time, and straight away realised that this thing can absolutley fly off the top of the hill on one of the straights...This led to me attempting a flying overtake...I'd never done this before so it was great fun, took some pretty cool pics as well... I've done some flying overtakes using this car in proper racing conditions but they were never quite clean, I would always hit the top of the car or go out of control, so rather than try for hours to get the perfect overtake, I decided to simply wait and try it on a few cars per lap... Enjoy and be sure to check this circuit out with a really fast car, you can do some pretty spectacular things, plenty of photo opportunites...

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