Video - Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren MP4-12C

Videa Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren MP4-12C

Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren MP4-12C

Like me on Facebook - Special thanks to - This year on goldRush Rally there were some INCREDIBLE cars! The sight of 5 Bugatti Veyrons within 1 week was insane. On one of the last days of the rally while we were driving through Antarctica I had the chance to ride in the almighty matte white Bugatti Veyron. The car was put in 800HP mode before we started driving so unfortunately this video doesn't show complete destruction of the McLaren. In fact the McLaren held up pretty well considering the Bugatti has almost double the HP. Please leave a comment and subscribe. Enjoy!



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