Video - 11 BUGATTI VEYRONS HIT THE STREETS!!! Veyron Invasion!!!

Videa Bugatti Veyron 11 BUGATTI VEYRONS HIT THE STREETS!!! Veyron Invasion!!!


Like me on Facebook! Well, this was my last day of summer. I was planning on uploading this video sometime in November or December, but I figured, go big or go home. I must admit, my past few uploads have been pretty legit, but I wanted something to just wipe them out... Something to 1-up them. I'd say that this 20-ups them. This was a ridiculous scenario that will most likely be once in a lifetime, but I'm sure as f**k happy I got it on video! Speaking of that, shout out to my friend Alec for some video assistance while I was shooting still shots. By now you're thinking that every upload from this point will get worse. And I'm here to tell you that that isn't the case. I still have many tricks up my sleeves. :) So, please enjoy the video as much as I did shooting it. Until next year summer, it's been a blast. -Drake 1 Veyron Grand Sport "L'or Blanc" Edition 2 Veyron Super Sports 4 Veyron Grand Sports 4 "Regular" Veyrons Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE for more Thanks for watching

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